W2 Global Data Documentation

An overview of the W2 Global Data systems


Knowing your customer is essential for any organisation. Compliance and due diligence are becoming an increasing part of everyday operations for many businesses. This process can be difficult and time consuming, often involving cross checking several sources of information. 

At W2 Global Data, we provide a one stop shop for Identity Verification, Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention services to meet any "Know Your Customer" (KYC) operation you may want to do. We collect and combine information from a wide range of data sources and providers in one convenient API. Whether you want to:

  • Check if a person or entity is on a government sanctions list
  • Verify a person's identity at a particular address (in the UK and several other European countries)
  • Find out more about a business
  • Verification documents


Our API can do all of these things and more. Follow the links below to get started.