W2 Data Age Verification 007 Service

W2 Data Age Verification 007 Service

W2DataAgeVerification007Service is an age verification service for the United Kingdom. It provides a date of birth check against an age threshold, using various public data sources to verify that the age is either above or below the given age threshold.


The following properties pertain to this service.

Property Name Type Length Optional/Mandatory Notes
15 Mandatory  
15 Optional  
15 Mandatory  
2 Mandatory  
2 Mandatory  
4 Mandatory  
26 Mandatory if no HouseNumber given  
26 Mandatory if no HouseName given  
8 Mandatory  
40 Optional  
20 Optional  
20 Optional  
3 Optional If set, must be a valid three-letter ISO country code as described here. If not set, the search will be within the United Kingdom (GBR)
3 Mandatory The age limit that the searched-for individual will be checked against. This will probably be something like 18, 16, 25 etc
3 Mandatory

A number between 1 and 4 that tells us what check needs to be made against the limit. The options are: 

1: GreaterThan

2: GreaterThanOrEqualTo

3: LessThan

4: LessThanOrEqualTo

For example, to check that an individual is 18 or over, the AgeVerificationThreshold should be 18 and the AgeVerificationPassIf should be 2 (GreaterThanOrEqualTo).

Service Response

The following is an example response:

</Message> </W2DataAgeVerification007Result>

Each of the properties describes the following:

Propery Name Type Description
Confirms whether or not the requested DOB has been successfully matched to the searched individual.

TRUE if the individual has passed the requested test. For example, if the requested age threshold was 18 and the test was GreaterThanOrEqualTo, and the service has confirmed that the individual is indeed 18 or over, this will be TRUE.

If the test has failed then this value will be FALSE. Additionally, if the date of birth was not verified in the first place then this will also be a FALSE

The requested test, in plain English.
The requested age limit
Further details on result, if necessary. This is mostly used for reporting errors.

Result Interpretation

In the service transaction information block (ServiceResponse > ProcessRequestResult > TransactionInformation > ServiceTransactions) the ServiceInterpretResult value will be "Pass" if the threshold was met, and "Fail" if it wasn't. In the event of an unexpected error, the value will be "NotPerformed" and more information can be found in either the ServiceTransactionResultMessage field of the same block, or the Message block of the service result.



If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" then the following queries will return the following results:

"Forever Young" Sandbox Cases

These sandbox cases have ages that will never change. All of their birthdays are on May 12th and their year of birth is whatever it takes to make their current age the one displayed in the "Age" column.

To use one of these sandbox cases, the requested DayOfBirth must be "12", the MonthOfBirth must be "5", and the year of birth must be whatever it takes to make them the age specified in the "Age" column on todays date.

Forename Surname HouseNumber Street Postcode Flat Age
Charlotte Hurst 47 Bootham Terrace KW14 3ZB   12
Ava Perkins 53 Russell Rd DE55 8YN   15
Jonathan Norton 94 Dover Road ZE2 1UE 8 16
Harrison Humphreys 77 Horsefair Green CV32 0GD   17
Bailey Dale 37 Princes Street TN17 7ND   18
Matilda Knowles 80 Thirsk Road G84 3FZ 2 19
Liam Henderson 81 Fulford Road SA20 2DR   20
Rhys Chapman 17 Colorado Way TW10 7ZH   21
Adam Davidson 29 North Promenade FK14 2WX   22
Aidan Waters 22 Thames Street TD9 0WX   25
Victoria Bishop 85 Baldock Street IV1 3HG 25 28
Nicholas Gilbert 65 Gordon Terrace TS9 1DX   50


"Fixed Age" Sandbox Cases

These sandbox cases have fixed DOBs and will "age" over time. To use these sandbox cases, simply enter the query data as listed in the table.

Forename Surname HouseNumber Street Postcode Flat Day/Month/Year OfBirth
Samantha Cole 56 Wressle Road NN29 4PQ   30/3/2011
Freddie Turnbull 15 Hudson St PH15 8ES   2/7/2009
Abbie May 86 Warner Close LA14 6SD   1/9/2008
Bradley Fox 65 Walwyn Rd SP7 2QD 31 7/9/2008
Kieran Hart 98 Town Lane LN11 6RU   7/3/2007
Maddison Palmer 92 Dunmow Road S72 5AH   10/6/2005
Daisy McLean 56 Brynglas Road GL1 3JL   12/4/2005
Rachel Ali 38 Guild Street SE2 8YX   22/11/2003
Rachel Griffiths 30 Cheriton Rd WR14 6JZ 5 8/4/2003
Archie Lawrence 26 Glenurquhart Road AB45 2QP   1/11/2001
Rachel Rose 37 Ash Lane NR19 8TS   28/3/2001
Evan Barlow 53 Scrimshire Lane SY5 3YQ   6/4/2000
Louise Conway 19 Jesmond Rd EX13 6EQ   24/12/1998
Joseph Power 56 Haslemere Road TD13 0UW   14/5/1998
Lauren Lowe 58 Bootham Terrace IV25 5YR   19/1/1997
Aidan Walton 74 George Street DD5 6GZ   16/9/1995
Natasha Pritchard 87 Ponteland Rd PA6 0TH   16/4/1995
Lydia Hart 50 Castledore Road B60 4PF   5/11/1993
Matthew Dodd 64 Hexham Road IV40 5LA   20/8/1992
Isobel Birch 36 Ramsgate Rd NE47 7HH 9 18/3/1992
Logan Kemp 93 Wartnaby Road PA31 6YD   17/7/1990
Jodie Mellor 4 Neville Street L36 7GR   5/2/1990
Lara* Baxter* 68 Marcham Road YO6 8AS   12/5/1990

* Lara Baxter will always return an error with the message "A service error occurred", and is intended for testing error scenarios.