W2 Data EKYC AU 029 Service

An identity check service for Australia

This service is currently only available in Beta

W2 Data EKYC AU 029 Service

W2 Data EKYC AU 029 is an identity verification service for Australia. W2 will combine several sources of data to make a match. We have a default setup for how we combine sources to make a match, which can be configured if needed. Please contact W2 support for more details.

Query Data

The following QueryData elements pertain to this service.

Property Name Type Length Optional/Mandatory Notes
15 Mandatory  
15 Optional  
30 Mandatory  
  Optional Must be 'M' or 'F' if provided
2 Mandatory  
2 Mandatory  
4 Mandatory  
26 Mandatory if no HouseNumber given  Minimum address fields are HouseName or Housenumber as well as the postcode. We advise that more address information be sent if possible as this will improve the chances of a match
26 Mandatory if no HouseName given  
255 Optional  
255 Optional  
100 Optional  
5 Mandatory  
Phone Number
16 Optional Please provide the phone number as one contiguous set of numbers with no other characters or spaces.
30 Optional  

After performing the search, the validation result (pass, fail, etc.) will be part of the TransactionInformation returned for the service call.


A typical request might look like this:

<Street>High Street</Street>

The following shows the basic schema for the <W2DataEkyc029Result> object that is returned in the <ServiceResult> Section of the <ProcessRequestResult> object.

<!-- An array of MatchingSource elements -->
{ true | false }
NotAssigned | NameAndAddress | NameAndDateOfBirth |
NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth | MortalityHighConfidence |
MortalityLowConfidence | SurnameAndPhoneNumberAtAddress

{ 0 - 99 }
8 = Credit
9 = Goverment
10 = Commercial
11 = Consumer
12 = Utility
13 = Proprietary
14 = Teleco
15 = Postal

NotPerformed | Pass | Fail | Refer | NotApplicable | NoInterpretPerformed

{ A message containing additional information about the call }
None | Success | SuccessNoResults | SuccessIncompleteResults |
MultipleChoices | ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid | ClientErrorInsufficientInformation |
NotExecutedDueToPreviousHalt | ServerErrorGeneralError | ServiceFailureError


Below is some more information about the some of the elements of the response that require explanation:

DataSources = A collection showing every source of data that was used to formulate the result. Each source is represented by a <MatchingSource> elment.

AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources = Indicates that two different record matches from the same data source may count as independent sources when formulating the 2 + 2 result. For example, two Insight results may count as two sources, rather than one, as they would do under normal service circumstances.

MatchingCriteria = Precisely what data has been matched by the data source. E.g. NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth

NumberOfMatches = The number of matches found by this data source

Source = An integer representing the source of the data match. E.g. 8 = Credit

SourceId Source Matched Notes 
8 Credit Established credit agencies in the country (Coverage: > 90%; Update Frequency: Daily)
9 Government Electoral data, driver's license or history (Coverage: > 90%; Update Frequency: Daily)
10 Commercial Insurance Records, Business Directory, Tenancy Information (Coverage:  > 50%; Update Frequency: Quarterly )
11 Consumer Public Records, Citizen Data sources, marketing and membership data (the AA etc) (Coverage:  > 50%; Update Frequency: Quarterly )
12 Utility Data issued for a national utility provider which includes telephone, gas, electricity, or water. (Coverage: > 90%; Update Frequency:  Annually)
13 Proprietary  
14 Teleco Public Number Directory (Coverage: > 75%; Update Frequency:  Annually)
15 Postal  

= The overall verification result, based on what matches were found in the data source against the query data submitted. The possiblities are Pass, Fail or Refer

Message = Gives some more details / context on the verification result

TransactionResult = A diagnostic result showing whether or not any technical errors were experienced during the check. This should always be "Success" unless a technical error has occured, in which case the verification check will be aborted.

Example Response:

The below example shows a case where we have found one NameAndAddress match on the Government and 3 NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth matches on Commercial. This has resulted in a Pass.

<Message />

Transaction Result

HaltTriggered False
  • Success
  • SuccessIncompleteResults Too many matches on the search criteria and the results have been truncated
  • SuccessNoResults No matches found
  • ServerErrorGeneralError An error occurred
  • ServiceFailureError- Unable to contact third party service
  • ClientErrorInsufficientInformation Required field not supplied or insufficient/invalid information
  • OneResult
  • MultipleResults
  • Fail
  • NoResults
  • NoInterpretPerformed
  • NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
ServiceTransactionResultMessage Usually empty, can contain optional information such as too many matches etc.
  • Pass
  • NotPerformed - No search occurred to match against
  • Fail MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched




If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" then any of the following entities will return a result:

Forename Surname Day Of Birth Month Of Birth Year Of Birth Flat House Name Number Street Postcode
Bailey Flynn 30 12 1979 90 Sunset Drive 4730
Cody Rene 12 2 1986 73 Moruya Street 2484
Hayley Allwood 5 4 1990 76 Sale Street 1934
Isabel Fitchett 8 1 1976 78 Gregory Way 6220
Joseph James 10 11 1965 43 Davis Street 4055
Liam Parkes 25 8 1980 52 Parkes Road 3012
Lincoln Barrow 3 5 1956 59 Lewin Street 2655
Ryan Highett 17 9 1949 15 Tanner Street 946
(Click on a sandbox case to see the service result data here)