Frequently asked questions 

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a collection of one or more services. All calls to the API go through a bundle. Each call can call only one bundle.

Does W2 provide international ID checks?

Yes. We provide ID checks across multiple jurisdictions, please ask your account manager/commercial contact for the most up to date list.

Will my service calls leave a Credit Lenders footprint or affect a credit rating?

It will be clearly indicated on each service documentation page whether the search will leave a footprint. However, as a general rule, if the service provider is a credit bureau then yes a foot print will be left.

What is a 2 plus 2 Check?

To confirm someone’s identity to meet JMLSG and UK regulator guidelines a verification known as a 2+2 is the expectation. This involved taking two pieces of information about the person and matching them against two different data sources. Typically for the UK this would be name and address against one source (such as electoral register) and name and date of birth against another source (such as credit record). The data sources used and matching terms defined will differ from country to country depending on the service and data available.

How do Scoring Thresholds work?

Matching Thresholds

The matching logic thresholds are explained below:

Name Matching Logic

W2 use a numbered scoring system for name matching.

  • A score of 100 means that Alert Profile name matches exactly the Client record name.
  • A score of 90 means that Alert Profile name contains Client record name in same order with no gaps.
  • A score of 85 means that Alert Profile name contains Client record name in same order.
  • A score of 80 means that Alert Profile name contains Client record name in any order.

Date of Birth Matching Logic

For Date of Birth matching a numbered scoring system 0-100 (100 being a total match) with a weighting towards Year of Birth and positive/negative depending on factors that match/mismatch is used:

  • Year of Birth match is +60, Year of Birth mismatch is -60
  • Month of Birth match is +20, Month of Birth mismatch is -20
  • Day of Birth match is +20, Day of Birth mismatch is -20
  • Missing information in any of the above fields is +/-0

When calling records using a score on either Name and/or Date of Birth only records matching that score or greater will be returned. In some cases the Date of Birth held within Sanctions records is not in a recognisable format, such as ‘circa 1960’ or ‘between 1965 and 1970’. In these, and other similar cases we treat the Date of Birth as missing for scoring purposes.