Getting Started

Some key concepts you should know...

The W2 API is built around a few simple concepts when brought together provide powerful and flexible solutions. 


W2 has a wide portfolio of products that we name Services, ranging from checking against datasources such as global Sanctions list, Identity checking using credit reference agencies, document verification and many more.

A full list of all services can be found here.  

Services are accessed through the API via Bundles. 


A bundle is a collection of one or more services. Services can be ordered in a bundle in any way you choose.

When you call the W2 API you specify a bundle name.  By collecting services in a Bundle, only one API call is then required to execute all services in that Bundle.

Bundles are configured by W2. This will be completed as part of the on-boarding process.

Typical bundle example

As an example, if you wanted to confirm an individual's identity and check that they are not on any Sanctions lists, the bundle might look like this:

Bundle Name Services Service Description


UK Identity Check


Standard International Sanctions


Politically Exposed Persons

This bundle example contains three services. The first one, IdCheckUkAlphaFull, checks various sources (Electoral Roll, credit lenders, etc.) to confirm an individual's identity. The next two services check the given name against a Sanctions list and a Politically Exposed Persons list.

To execute this bundle you would call the KYCCheck method on the API with the bundle name (KYC_ID_CHECK_EXAMPLE) and the required identity information (name, date of birth, address, etc.). The API will run through each service in sequence and return the results in one response. In the above example if the identity was good but the individual turns up in a PEP list you might get something like this:

Bundle Name Services Service Description Service Result
KYC_ID_Check_Sanctions IdCheckUKAlphaFull UK Identity Check PASS
  SISCheckPlus Standard International Sanctions NO RESULTS
  PEPDesk Politically exposed persons 1 RESULT

The Response will also contain more detailed information about each result.

Bundle Workflows

Also known as 'Interpret and Halt' or 'Staged Search Manager'. As part of setting up a bundle W2 can configure settings that can 'Interpret' service level and bundle level results as well as 'Halting' the execution of a Bundle should a certain result be returned from an individual Service.

Bundle Result Interpretation

W2 can configure how the API will interpret the overall result for the whole bundle. For example, in the example bundle above, if the Alpha service returned a "Fail" result then the bundle's overall result would also be "Fail". The possible results for Bundle results are Pass, Fail or Inconclusive. 

Bundle Halting

We can also configure the bundle to Halt after each service based on the result of that service. So for example you might decide that if Alpha returns a Fail (i.e. this identity is not valid) then there is no point checking the sanctions lists, so the bundle will stop there and not call the rest of the services in the bundle.

So in our example above let us assume that we have configured the following rules:

  1. Fail if Alpha returns Fail or Inconclusive,
  2. Return Inconclusive if the Sanctions or Political Persons lists have any matches

If we get the same results based on these results the service would return inconclusive

Bundle Name Intepret Result Services Service Description Service Result
KYC_ID_Check_Sanctions INCONCLUSIVE IdCheckUKAlphaFull UK Identity Check PASS
    SISCheckPlus Standard International Sanctions NO RESULTS
    PEPDesk Politically Exposed Persons 1 RESULT


W2 provides an API Sandbox mode via our API that allows developers to test the service without fear of leaving a footprint or incur service charges.  The Sandbox consist of set of pre-defined test records for a range of test scenarios.  You can find the Sandbox test data for each Service on their respective pages.

When you call the API you can specify that you want to the call to be in Sandbox mode. When calling the API in Sandbox mode, all services in the bundle defined will be executed in Sandbox mode.

Two Plus Two Check

Our identity check services attempt to do a Two Plus Two check. All this means is that we will attempt to match the name and address from one data source and the name and date of birth from another independent data source. For example, if we can find the name and address on the Electoral Roll and the name and date of birth on a credit lenders record then that would be a Two Plus Two check. If we only found the information on the Electoral Roll then that would not be a Two Plus Two check as this only use one data source.

Whats next..

OK so that's the basics, time to have a look at the API