Common terms and acronyms used at W2

Term Definition
AML Anti Money laundering.
KYC Know Your Customer. The process of identifying an individual.
eKYC electronic Know Your Customer. The process of identifying a consumer using electronic data sources.
Service One of our data sources or services, each service provides different information and operations see our services page for more information.
Bundle A collection of services. All calls to the API go through bundles and call all services in the bundle sequentially.
 KYB Know Your Business. The process of identifying a business and learning key pieces of information about it.
 SIS Standard International Sanctions. A combination of international sanctions lists issued by various governments. Details of the contents can be obtained from your account manager.
 Watchlist The most comprehensive, or ‘level 3’ PEP, Sanction and Adverse content available through W2.
 PEP Politically Exposed Person
 SPF Senior Political Figure.
PEPselect Level 2 PEP data
ADV Automated Document verification
MDV Manual Document Verification