Demo 1: Postman

This describes the process of calling the Document Upload endpoint using Postman

Postman is a free app that allows you to perform HTTP requests. You can download it from the Postman website here.

Option 1 - Download and import our example collection

We have set up an example Postman collection that contains example requests that you can import here. (you may need to right click the link and click 'save link as')

All you will need to do is insert your W2 provided API key into the Authorization header of any request in the collection and it should work

Option 2 - Follow these steps to create your own request

1) Set the request Method to 'POST'

2) Set the URL to the Document Upload endpoint. i.e.

2) Add an Authorization header to the request with a value of 'Basic' and your API key.


4) Set the body of the request to 'form-data'.

5) Add a data entry to the body with the key as 'Document' with the data type set to File.

6) Upload your document to the data entry.

6) Send the request and view the response