Document Upload Request

This describes the shape of the Document Upload request

Request structure

This details the fields of a document upload request.


Property Details
ServiceAuthorisation Contains authorisation information to identify the person using the service. See here
DocumentReference Contains a client-specified tracking reference. Maximum 100 Characters
  • None - No type specified / known.
  • JPEG - A JPEG (Joint Picture Experts Group Image).
  • PNG - A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image.
  • PDF - A PDF (Portable Document Format)
DocumentData Base64 Encoded representation of the document to upload.

Desired expiry date to apply to the document to upload.

If left blank, W2 will use the default value of 14 days to expire the document. This can be set anywhere up to a maximum of 6 months.

Once the expiration date has been reached, W2 will remove the image data from our system, however the footprint of the upload will be preserved.

QueryOptions Specify optional flags that alter the invocation of the service. See here



Document Size Limit

The maximum file size that we accept for a document upload is 4MB, please ensure your documents are no larger than this before uploading.