Document Upload Response

Describes the shape of the Document Upload response

Response Example

Here is an example of a full document upload response

    "bytesUploaded": 108920,
    "reference": "123",
    "documentTypeValidationSucceeded": true,
    "id": "0e397a02-4b7c-5494-abf0-14e2230be606",
    "resolvedDocumentType": "JPEG"


Response Properties

Use this table to find the meaning of each of the fields in the response.

Property Name Description
BytesUploaded The number of bytes uploaded to check against expected number.

An echo of the value that was used on submission - useful when operating asynchronously.

DocumentTypeValidationSucceeded Whether or not the resolved document type matched the type specified by the user (e.g if the user specified the document was a PNG, and the document resolved to a PNG, this value is true).
Id The system assigned unique Id applied to this document on upload. Used to refer to the document when associating documents with a service as a part of the Files element of a KYC Check request.

The document type as resolved by the service - this can be compared against the expected (submitted) type for validation purposes.

  • None - No type specified / known.
  • JPEG - A JPEG (Joint Picture Experts Group Image).
  • PNG - A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image.
  • PDF - A PDF (Portable Document Format)