W2 Data Disqualifieds UK 008

The W2 Global Data Disqualified Directors Service

W2 Data Disqualifieds UK 008 Service

This service searches a list of Disqualified Directors. This list is updated once a week.

Query Data

This service uses the following query data: 

FieldName Type Mandatory Notes
Forename string Y The forename of the person you are searching for.
Middlenames string N The middlename of the person you are searching for. 
Surname string Y The surname of the person you are searching for.
NameQueryMatchThreshold integer N The minimum name match score* to match against. If not supplied we will assume 80.
DayOfBirth integer Y The day of the date of birth.
MonthOfBirth integer Y The month of the date of birth.
YearOfBirth integer Y The year of the date of birth.
DateOfBirthMatchingThreshold integer N The minimum date of birth score* to match against. If not supplied we will assume 0.
Postcode string N Used to further filter results if supplied.

* see our faqs page for details on the scoring.

Example request

An example request might look something like this:

        <BundleName>{YOUR BUNDLE NAME HERE}</BundleName>
<DateOfBirthMatchThreshold>{e.g. 100}</DateOfBirthMatchThreshold> <DayOfBirth>{e.g. 01}</DayOfBirth> <Forename>{e.g. JOHN}</Forename> <MiddleNames>{e.g. JAMES} </MiddleNames> <MonthOfBirth>e.g. 01}</MonthOfBirth>
<NameQueryMatchThreshold>{ e.g. 100}</NameQueryMatchThreshold>
<Surname>{e.g. SMITH}</Surname> <YearOfBirth>{e.g. 1990}</YearOfBirth> </QueryData> <ServiceAuthorisation> <APIKey>{YOUR API KEY HERE}</APIKey> <ClientReference>>{YOUR CLIENT REFERENCE HERE}</ClientReference> </ServiceAuthorisation> </serviceRequest>
	"Bundle": "YOURBUNDLE",
	"Data": {
		"DayOfBirth": 22,
		"Forename": "JOHN",
		"MonthOfBirth": 10,
		"Surname": "JAMES",
		"YearOfBirth": 1997


The individual service response will look like this sample below that we have filled in with some dummy data:

<ErrorMessage />
<!-- 0 or more of these -->
<CompanyName>ACME PRODUCTIONS</CompanyName>
<CourtName>HIGH COURT</CourtName>
<SectionOfTheAct>CDDA 1986 S7</SectionOfTheAct>
<!-- 0 or more of these -->
<CompanyName>SOUTH SEA TRADING Co.</CompanyName>
<AddressLine1>1 HIGH STREET</AddressLine1>
<AddressLine2>SOME PLACE</AddressLine2>
<PostTown>SOME TOWN</PostTown>
<Postcode>AB1 2CD</Postcode>
<!-- 1 or more of these aliases -->
<string>JOHN SMITH</string>
<string>JOHN JAMES SMITH</string>
<CourtName>HIGH COURT</CourtName>
<!-- THE DOB we matched on -->
<!-- The dob score we found -->
<!-- The alias we matched on -->
<MatchedName>John Smith</MatchedName>
<!-- The score of the name we matched on -->
"w2DataDisqualifiedsUk008Result": {
            "results": [
                    "details": {
                        "disqualifications": [
                                "caseNumber": "IJK676897642398",
                                "companyName": "SOUTH SEA TRADING",
                                "courtName": "INSOLVENCY SERVICE",
                                "disqualificationType": "UNDERTAKING",
                                "endDate": "2018-03-14T00:00:00",
                                "sectionOfTheAct": "CDDA 1986 S7",
                                "startDate": "2013-03-15T00:00:00",
                                "undertakingDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00"
                        "exemptions": [
                                "companyName": "ACME PRODUCTION LIMITED",
                                "endDate": "2016-01-01T00:00:00",
                                "purpose": "SANDBOX",
                                "startDate": "2015-01-01T00:00:00"
                                "companyName": "ADVENTURE WORKS",
                                "endDate": "2016-01-01T00:00:00",
                                "purpose": "SANDBOX",
                                "startDate": "2015-01-01T00:00:00"
                        "person": {
                            "dateOfBirth": "1944-12-31T00:00:00",
                            "foreName": "Billy",
                            "id": "4",
                            "postcode": "RH13 3HE",
                            "searchableNames": [
                                "Billy Jones"
                            "surname": "Jones"
                        "variation": {
                            "actionDate": "2018-01-01T00:00:00",
                            "caseNumber": "LMN234682769827364",
                            "courtName": "GLASGOW HIGH COURT"
                    "dob": "1944-12-31T00:00:00",
                    "dobScore": 100,
                    "matchedName": "Billy Jones",
                    "nameScore": 100

The table below contains explanations for a few of the fields returned in the response:

Field Explanation
Dob This is the date of birth that was provided in the query data that was used for searching. This can be different to the Person.DateOfBirth field if a low threshold is set for dob scoring and an exact match is not required.
DobScore This is the match score for the Person.DateOfBirth field against the dob that was used in the query.
MatchedName This is the name in the Person.SearchableNames collection that had the highest score.
NameScore The highest score found from the searchable names.
Person.SearchableNames This is a collection of known aliases for the individual in question. This field is what is used for searching.

Sandbox mode can be used to test the service. By setting the following query option and sending some the below query data we will return a pre-configured response without actually calling our suppliers.



"options": {
	"sandbox": "true"

 This service has the following Sandbox Cases: 

Forename Surname Date Of Birth Postcode Searchable Names Notes
James Thorpe 1978-06-10 AB54 4PN

"James Thorpe", "James Sebastien Thorpe", "Thorpe James", "James Thorpey", "Sebastien James Thorpe"

Returns a Disqualified Director with no exemptions or validations.
Ahenobarbus Michal 1944-12-31 RH13 3HE

"Ahenobarbus Michal", "Ahenobarbus Geronimo Michal", "Michal Ahenobarbus", "Ahenobarbusero Michal", "Sebastien Ahenobarbus Michal"

Returns a Disqualified Director with one exemption and no validations.
Allen  Kiril 1943-01-08 IVT X34

"Allen Kiril", "Allen Brian Kiril", "Kiril Allen"

Returns a Disqualified Director with two exemptions and no validations.
Billy Jones 1944-12-31 RH13 3HE "Billy Jones" Returns a Disqualified Director with two exemptions and one validations.