A global identity verification service.


W2 Data Ekyc Global MultiSource 043 is a global identity verification service that can be performed for 75 countries and matches on multiple datasources.


The following QueryData properties pertain to this service, please note that the fields MUST be in the same order as shown below.

Property Name Type Length Optional/Mandatory Notes
City String 20 Optional  
Country String 3 Mandatory A 3 character ISO country code i.e. GBR, USA etc. See appendix for a full list of supported countries.
County String 20 Optional*  * This is a mandatory field if the Country code is set to IRL. Please remove the "County" from the name (e.g to send "County Wexford", just use "Wexford")
DayOfBirth Integer 2 Mandatory  
Forename String 15 Mandatory  
Gender String 1 Optional Either M or F (This is case sensitive and needs to be uppercase)
HouseName/HouseNumber String 26 Mandatory Either house name or house number must be supplied may also include Flat number i.e. Flat 1, 4
MiddleNames String 15 Optional  
MonthOfBirth Integer 2 Mandatory  
PersonalId String 9 Optional US only, if this has been configured as required but is omitted, then the only possible results will be Fail or Refer
Postcode String 8 Mandatory* * Optional if Country is set to IRL (Ireland)
Region String 2 Optional* * Mandatory if Country is set to USA. Requires a valid 2 character state code. (e.g NY)
Street String 40 Mandatory* * Optional if Country is set to GBR (United Kingdom)
Surname String 30 Mandatory  
YearOfBirth Integer 4 Mandatory  

After performing the search, the validation result (pass, fail, etc.) will be part of the <TransactionInformation> returned for the service call. 


 The following are example SOAP requests to the W2 Data Ekyc Multi Source 043 Service:

Ireland Example:

<Street>Hospital Road</Street>
   "Data": {
   	"Country": "IRL",
   	"County": "Wexford",
   	"DayOfBirth": 13,
   	"Forename": "Teague",
   	"HouseNumber": "8",
   	"MonthOfBirth": 1,
   	"Street": "Hospital Road",
   	"Surname": "Mullen",
   	"YearOfBirth": 1949

United States Example:

<Street>McDonald Avenue</Street>
     "Data": {
     	"Country": "USA",
     	"DayOfBirth": 28,
     	"Forename": "Susan",
     	"HouseNumber": "2071",
     	"MonthOfBirth": 9,
     	"Postcode": "34744",
     	"Region": "FL",
     	"PersonalId": "537430927",
     	"Street": "McDonald Avenue",
     	"Surname": "Barker",
     	"YearOfBirth": 1959

United Kingdom Example:

<Postcode>LE67 8WE</Postcode>
<Street>Golf Road</Street>
   "Data": {
   	"Country": "GBR",
   	"DayOfBirth": "25",
   	"Forename": "Gabriel",
   	"HouseNumber": "74",
   	"MonthOfBirth": "3",
   	"Postcode": "LE67 8WE",
   	"Street": "Golf Road",
   	"Surname": "Peacock",
   	"YearOfBirth": "1987"


The following shows the basic schema for the <W2DataEkycMultiSource043Result> object that is returned in the <ServiceResult> Section of the <ProcessRequestResult> object. 

<!-- An array of MatchingSource elements -->
{ true | false }
NameAndPersonalId | NameAndAddress | NameAndDateOfBirth |
{ 0 - 1 }
0 = NotAssigned
1 = ElectoralRoll
8 = Credit
9 = Government
11 = Consumer
12 = Utility
15 = Postal
NotPerformed | Pass | Fail | Refer | NoInterpretPerformed
{ A message containing additional information about the call }
None | Success | SuccessNoResults | SuccessIncompleteResults |
MultipleChoices | ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid | ClientErrorInsufficientInformation |
NotExecutedDueToPreviousHalt | ServerErrorGeneralError | ServiceFailureError
"DataSource": "DS",
"DobMatch": "Full|Partial|NoMatch",
"AddressMatch": "Full|Partial|NoMatch",
"SsnMatch": "Full|Partial|NoMatch"
"w2DataEkycGlobal043Result": {
	"rawResponse": "[{\"DataSource\":\"TESTDB\",\"FirstNameMatch\":\"Full\",\"SurnameMatch\":\"Full\",\"DobMatch\":\"Full\",\"AddressMatch\":\"Full\",\"SsnMatch\":null},{\"DataSource\":\"TESTDB2\",\"FirstNameMatch\":\"Full\",\"SurnameMatch\":\"Full\",\"DobMatch\":\"Full\",\"AddressMatch\":\"Full\",\"SsnMatch\":null}]",
	"ssnMatch": false,
	"dataSources": [{
			"allowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": true,
			"matchingCriteria": "NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth",
			"numberOfMatches": 1,
			"source": 11
		}, {
			"allowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": true,
			"matchingCriteria": "NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth",
			"numberOfMatches": 1,
			"source": 8
	"interpretResult": "Pass",
	"message": "Matching performed using 11,8 sources as per profile",
	"transactionResult": "Success"

 Below is some more information about the some of the elements of the response that require explanation:

 Datasources = A collection showing every source of data that was used to formulate the result. Each source is represented by a <MatchingSource> element.

 AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources = Indicates that two different record matches from the same data source may count as independent sources when formulating the 2 + 2 result. For example, two Teleco results may count as two sources, rather than one, as they would do under normal service circumstances.

 MatchingCriteria = Precisely what data has been matched by the data source. E.g. NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth

 NumberOfMatches = The number of matches found by this data source

 Source = The source of the data match. E.g. Credit

Transaction Result 

HaltTriggered False
  • Success
  • SuccessIncompleteResults - Too many matches on the search criteria and the results have been truncated
  • SuccessNoResults - No matches found
  • ServerErrorGeneralError - An error occurred
  • ServiceFailureError- Unable to contact third party service
  • ClientErrorInsufficientInformation - Required field not supplied or insufficient/invalid information
  • ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid - Address fields cannot contain commas
  • NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
  • Pass
  • Fail
  • Inconclusive
  • NotApplicable - Validation has failed, please check ValidationResult for further details.
ServiceTransactionResultMessage Usually empty, can contain optional information such as too many matches etc.
  • Pass
  • NotPerformed - No search occurred to match against
  • Fail - MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched

Sandbox mode can be used to test the service. By setting the following query option and sending some the below query data we will return a pre-configured response without actually calling our suppliers.

"options": {
	"sandbox": "true"

If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" then the following queries will return results. The result of the verification will depend on the configuration of the matching set up during the on-boarding process.

To see the details of the service response of each sandbox case, simply click on it in the table below:

Forename Surname Day Of Birth Month Of Birth Year Of Birth PersonalId (SSN) Flat House Name Number Street County Postcode Region Country
Aaron Russell 9 4 2000 055221235 2785 Wayback Lane 11530 NY USA
Amantzi Acevedo 12 7 1979 53 Rua do Paseo 41907
Bernadette McLennan 22 12 1972 78 Moira Road Cork IRL
Bryan Roy 17 7 1948 521905310 293 Clearview Drive 80030 CO USA
Delmo Padovano 13 7 1957 140 Via Giulio Camuzzoni 89040
Eva Poulsen 2 12 1990 8 Budapester Strasse 24515
Faith Long 7 9 1982 508824444 795 Rollins Road 69131 NE USA
Gabriel Peacock 25 3 1987 74 Golf Road LE67 8WE
Isabelle Warner 3 10 1988 87 Jubilee Drive NR29 3UY
Leonard Galvan 28 9 1939 538451234 1295 Conifer Drive 98109 WA USA
Logan Jordan 6 9 1958 25 Thompsons Lane YO42 3DT
Milla Ingham 30 12 1955 48 Wigley Street 5043
Naomi Dennis 3 8 2000 629865555 3350 Baker Avenue 76011 TX USA
Nuala Keogh 22 11 1980 16 Woodbrook Heights Sligo IRL
Ralph Kaestner 22 12 1948 67 Gruenauer Strasse 21272
Sabine Dupuis 6 8 1983 88 rue Victor Hugo 60200
Selma Hill 4 2 1953 375609845 2297 Cross Street 48723 MI USA
Shanna Wright 19 2 1994 604149876 1692 Freed Drive 95340 CA USA
Susan Barker 28 9 1959 537430927 2071 McDonald Avenue 34744 FL USA
Teague Mullen 13 1 1949 8 Hospital Road Wexford IRL
Timothy McGrath 6 9 1991 355528765 4637 Virginia Street 60605 IL USA
(Click on a sandbox case to see the service result data here)

The following table shows the countries supported by the W2 Global Ekyc Global Multisource 043 service.

ISO Code Country
ALB Albania
ARE United Arab Emirates
ARG Argentina
ARM Armenia
AUS Australia
AZE Azerbaijan
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin
BGR Bulgaria
BIH Bosnia And Herzegovina
BLR Belarus
BMU Bermuda
BRN Brunei Darussalam
CAN Canada
CHE Switzerland
CHL Chile
CHN China
CIV Côte D`ivoire/Ivory Coast
CMR Cameroon
CYM Cayman Islands
CZE Czech Republic
DEU Germany
DNK Denmark
EGY Egypt
ESP Spain
EST Estonia
FIN Finland
FRA France
GBR United Kingdom
GEO Georgia
GIB Gibraltar
GRC Greece
HKG Hong Kong
HRV Croatia
HUN Hungary
IDN Indonesia
IND India
IRL Ireland
IRN Iran, Islamic Republic Of
ISL Iceland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy
KAZ Kazakstan
KGZ Kyrgyzstan
LIE Liechtenstein
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
LVA Latvia
MAR Morocco
MCO Monaco
MDA Moldova, Republic Of
MEX Mexico
MYS Malaysia
NLD Netherlands
NOR Norway
NZL New Zealand
OMN Oman
PAK Pakistan
POL Poland
PRI Puerto Rico
PRT Portugal
PSE Palestine
QAT Qatar
ROU Romania
RUS Russian Federation
SGP Singapore
SVK Slovakia
SWE Sweden
TJK Tajikistan
TKM Turkmenistan
TUR Turkey
UKR Ukraine
USA United States
UZB Uzbekistan
VEN Venezuela
ZAF South Africa