W2 Data Post Redirect 028

Search for NCOA data for an individual at an address

W2 Data Post Redirect 028 Service 

This service searches a Royal Mail database of Notifications of Change of Address (NCOA) to see if a redirect exists for an individual at a particular address.

Due to the nature of our contract with Royal Mail we can only confirm that a redirect exists and the status of the redirect (Active, Cancelled, Expired, Pending). We cannot confirm whether the redirect is from or to the address in question. 

We can only include this service in a bundle with other services.

Query Data 

The API uses the following Query Data fields for this service.  

Property Name Type Optional/Mandatory
Forename string Mandatory
Surname string Mandatory 
HouseName string Mandatory*
HouseNumber string Mandatory*
HouseNameNumber string Mandatory*
Flat string Optional
Street string Optional
City string Optional
Postcode string Mandatory
DayOfBirth integer Optional
MonthOfBirth integer Optional
YearOfBirth integer Optional

* We recommend that consumers of this service use HouseName and House Number separately but we also accept HouseNameNumber. At least one of these fields must be supplied.

Please note that for this service we have to use exact matching to perform our searching, so for example Dave Smith would not match David Smith.

The minimum address fields we require is house name/number and postcode. The address match has to be exact for us to return a match so the more address information that can be supplied the better chances there will be of finding a match. 

Date of birth is optional but if included must include all three fields and be a valid date.  


In the <ServiceResult> section of the response we return the <W2DataPostRedirectResult> element which contains the following fields: 

    <MatchFound>true | false</MatchFound>
<RedirectionStatus>Active | Cancelled | Expired | Pending</RedirectionStatus>
"w2DataPostRedirect028Result": {
	"matchFound": true,

 In the <ServiceTransactions> element we return a <ServiceTransactionInformation> element as per our usual services. The <ServiceInterpretResult> element will either be OneResult or NoResults


To call the Sandbox version of this service simply add the Sandbox Query Option as True. The following table lists all sandbox cases that will return a result for this service. 

Forename Surname Day Of Birth Month Of Birth Year Of Birth Flat House Name Number Postcode Result
Ahenobarbus Michal 31 12 1944 68 RH13 3HE OneResult
James Thorpe 10 6 1978 4 AB54 4PN OneResult
(Click on a sandbox case to see the service result data here)