API V3 Documentation

An overview of the W2 Global Data API V3 

API Version 3

LIVE: https://apiv3.w2globaldata.com/Service.svc?wsdl

UAT: https://apiv3-uat.w2globaldata.com/Service.svc?wsdl

The API exposes two methods: KYCCheck and DocumentUpload.


This is the most common method for calling the API.  The call to the KYCCheck method takes a bundle name and a set of query data as parameters and goes through each service in that bundle. It will return a response from each service that is called along with an interpret result. 

  1. Request
  2. Response
  3. SOAP UI demo
  4. C# Demo VS-2015
  5. C# Demo VS-2017
  6. Services


Some services perform document verification by looking at images of important documents (passports and driving licenses etc.) and as such we need to upload a document to W2. This method is used to upload documents. 

  1. Request
  2. Response